Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Trent Dawson (Henry) appeared on last night's The Good Wife. So we know what he's doing post As The World Turns.

But, how about before the world began turning for him?

In 2000, a 94 minute feature film that he appeared in, Helene, premiered at the NY International Film and Video Festival.

According to the official write-up:

One of the most exciting presentations at the New York International Film and Video Festival at Madison Square Garden was the new feature "Helene" produced by MacMillan Films, the company known for its commitment to highly original, innovative programming with a cultural or historical slant. This year with the release of "Helene" the filmmakers are breaking new ground with a modern spy thriller, which is quickly gaining audience acclaim.

"Helene" is brought to life by a brilliant ensemble cast. Starring Jody Kelly and Trent Dawson," the film is what Festival Director Jessica Beshir calls "one of the best features we're premiering this year." Trent Dawson, plays Victor, a non-suspecting ex-boyfriend you is soon embroiled in abduction and art theft schemes.

The compelling story follows a young French woman who comes to New York in search of her sister Helene, who disappeared under very strange circumstances. The investigation that Janette undertakes unravels deepening mysteries, which lead to the truth behind her father's death. Can Janette alter a destiny that hangs over her with the certainty of an ancient myth?

Festival Director Beshir explains, "We're extremely excited about Helene. It's a great story, unusually constructed and with a great ending. It's an ambitious project, exactly the kind of work we try to showcase at our festival."

Watch a clip of Trent in action, below:

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