Monday, April 18, 2011


Dawn from interviewed me about Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime's Greatest Moments, here.

Author Alina Adams is very excited these days. The woman behind soap-themed tomes such as The Man From Oakdale, Jonathan's Story and Oakdale Confidential has decided to tackle a subject near and dear to all fans of daytime: The greatest soap moments ever. The choices are being made by industry professionals as well as the viewers themselves. "I really want to hear, what is the moment that if you were going to put it into a time capsule and show someone, 'This is soaps at the top of their game,' what would it be?" Adams explains, "I've gotten a lot of great suggestions so far! People also seem to appreciate the smaller family moments as well. And of course the first response I get is, 'Just one?' I don't want to limit people to just one moment, I'm sure we could do a thousand. The idea is to think of something that is almost representational in a way and it can be specific to one show and also speak to how good all shows can be."

She also suggested some of her own, including: Jeff and Penny's car accident on ATWT, Mike at the Vietnam Wall on Loving, Storm's suicide on B&B and the final shot of Capitol.

Don't forget to send me yours, ASAP, at:! (For those who wrote to ask if there's a deadline, I'd like to have all the fans' input in by Memorial Day, so I can get to work following up with the actors, writers and directors. Thank you!)

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