Monday, April 11, 2011


Donna grabbed Marley by the shoulders, shaking furiously, hoping to jolt her back into consciousness, but all of Donna's efforts were rewarded with nary a moan or any other sign of life.

"Breathe!" Donna ordered — no, willed — her child.

Her cell-phone was in the car. Donna realized she should be calling 911, the police, anyone for help. But, she refused to take so much as a step away as long as Marley continued lying so still and unresponsive.

"Breathe!" Donna leaned down to press an ear against Marley's chest. She could hear her heart beating, weakly, but definitely still beating, against Donna's cheek. At the same time, there appeared to be no air coming either in or out of Marley's lungs. Slipping a hand under Marley's neck, Donna exhaled directly into Marley's mouth, desperately trying to revive her before it was too late.

"Help me, Michael," Donna mentally commanded Marley's father as firmly as she had Marley earlier. "Victoria, help me. Help her."


Donna and Grant fight for Marley - and against each other, Felicia and Lorna make a touching discovery, Steven is forced to ask Sarah for help, and GQ offers Jen a proposition destined to affect several lives.

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