Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Mrs. Giggles, a contributor to one of the most popular romance sites on the web, has reviewed Jonathan's Story, concluding:

Like all the soap operas that I followed at various points in my life, though, I end up thinking that I'd cheerfully strangle the main characters (in this case, Jonathan) while cheering on the bad guys. Alan is quite cool here, I must say, and I find his relationship with Jonathan's mother Reva Shayne pretty amusing. Doesn't this soap opera has any kind of Alexis Carrington type of character? Now that would be a story worth reading. At any rate, Jonathan here is quite annoying as his sole reaction to everything is to run away. By the end, he is called on it and he owns up to his cowardice, but come on, I'm not forgiving him that easily because I have to sit through his woe-is-me nonsense in this book.

(Read the entire review, here.)

As for me, I am just deeply amused by the image of our Jonathan Randall, he of the perpetual scowl, so much as occupying the same universe as a person who calls herself Mrs. Giggles.

Jonathan's Story is currently available as an e-book, hardback and paperback via


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