Thursday, April 07, 2011


"Don't tell me you did it for Allie or for Steven," Jamie warned Rachel. "Honestly, I don't want to hear anything from you on the subject. I only came by to say that I knew, because I'm trying to cut down on my secret-keeping. We all saw how well that went with Lorna and Morgan."

"Amanda told you?" Rachel guessed and, when he nodded briskly, added, "I wish she hadn't done that."

"I wish she hadn't either," Jamie confessed. "But, that's Amanda for you. And it saves Alice the trouble of lying to me, so at least I'm grateful for that."

"She was willing to let your son go to prison!" Despite Jamie's warning, Rachel couldn't stop herself from reminding him.

"So you helpfully took matters into your own hands?"

"Yes! Yes, Jamie. Yes, I did."

"I'm going to go now, Mom."

"When do you think you might stop punishing me?" Rachel blocked Jamie's exit.

"For what?" he asked, exhausted.

"For anything. For everything. Steve, Russ, Ted, Carl, Blaine, Cecile... take your pick. God knows I've given you enough material over the years; you've made that point crystal clear. You've done everything you can to distance yourself from me. I don't even know what drove you to your breakdown!"

"And Alice does," Jamie noted evenly. "Is that what's really bothering you?"


Rachel pleads for answers from Jamie, Felicia makes a confession to Cass, Jeanne lays out her game-plan to Donna, Grant raises Lila's suspicions, Allie tells GQ what she really thinks of him, and Marley lives out her worst nightmare.


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