Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Don't insult my intelligence," Rachel warned Carl, struggling to keep her voice from becoming shrill, struggling to keep this civil and productive. "We've been married for a long time. And I knew you well, even before then. The fact that you can sit there, calm and absurdly confident, tells me you feel you don't need to investigate Marley's situation. Which means you've already determined it poses no threat to us. All I want to know is: How can you be so sure? And please do respect me enough not to lie to my face."

"Previously," Carl reminded. "You deliberately asked to be kept in the dark when it came to the minutia of our perilous situation."

"And you took advantage of that loophole to strike out against Donna by terrorizing Marley." Again, not a question. When Carl merely stared at Rachel in response, his expression utterly unreadable, she challenged, "Tell me that I'm wrong. Tell me you had nothing to do with nearly killing Marley. That you weren't blatantly abusing my trust in order to send Donna a message."


Rachel pleads with Carl not to go off the rails with his plans, Frankie and Cass receive insight into Grant even as they overlook Charlie's issues, Jeanne is surprised by Matt's open-mindedness, Lorna makes a decision about Marley, and Mindy shocks GQ.


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