Thursday, August 30, 2012


From the time I graduated college, I have worked exclusively in two television fields: Soaps and skating.  (I confessed my deep, dark skating past, here.)

Periodically, my two worlds would collide:

1998 Olympic Champion Tara Lipinksi appeared on Y&R (and the Daytime Emmys, where the original intro written for her made no sense whatsoever - skating-wise - and I proceeded to throw a temper tantrum until it was rewritten).

AMC's Rebecca Buding (Greenlee) learned to spin and jump for Skating With the Stars.

I once interviewed GH's Rebecca Herbst (Liz) about her competitive skating days.

And then, of course, there's DOOL's John and Marlena explaining the 2002 Olympic Figure Skating scandal.  (The video is a must see!)

Now, comes another intersect.  1979 World Pair Champion, Tai Babilonia, has joined the cast of the independent comedy soap, Bloomers.

To raise funds for their second season, the show is offering all sorts of perks to donors, including a private skating lesson for two with Tai!  Get all the details at We Love Soaps.

And, if you want to know just how soapy the skating world can be, check out my series of Figure Skating Mysteries.  Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime, now they're enhanced e-books, with skating videos included as part of the story!  (Any resemblance to real-life skaters living or dead is strictly a coincidence.  Says the legal department.)

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