Thursday, August 23, 2012


Iris accused, "Carl Hutchins made no secret of the fact that destroying Mac Cory was his life’s ambition. And now he’s finally done it. With your eager help, no less.”

“I will never, ever let your father’s legacy be destroyed,” Rachel swore. “We’ll find some way out of this.”

“We can release more stock on the general market,” Amanda piped up. “Raise some capital that way.”

“Or we will do as Amanda suggested, and go to our friends for help.”

“Alice Frame,” Iris snorted distastefully.

“Actually, it’s Alice Harrison,” Rachel knew it was petty, but she couldn’t help getting that particular dig in. “She’s Spencer’s widow. Or hadn’t you heard?”

“I heard.” Iris attempted to dismiss.

“I must admit, we were all rather surprised by the development. Didn’t Spencer once say something about never getting married again?”

“I believe that only applied to me,” Iris got her own dig in to prevent from handing Rachel the satisfaction. “And I don’t know why you would find it so shocking. After all, Alice always did have a penchant for my cast-offs. There was Elliot, of course… Then again, Elliot was only a place-holder for Alice while she waited for Steve to wash his hands of you, once and for all.”


Rachel and Iris trade barbs over Iris' offer to bail out Cory Publishing, while Jamie deflects Morgan's criticism of his search for Lorna.  Donna gives Matt an answer - and a warning, Lucas blames himself for his family's predicament, Allie challenges Sarah's plans for Grant, and GQ and Kevin nearly come to blows.

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