Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Heather Pearson at Books and Quilts reviews my Figure Skating Mystery, Murder on Ice, and has this to say:

Rebecca 'Bex' Levy, has been hired as a figure skating researcher for a popular news network even though she has no skating experience.  She is a very competent researcher and has proven herself time and again during the previous seven months of the skating season.  Now at the world championship in San Francisco, her boss is calling on her once again to save their broadcast.  Bex thought that this would be nothing out of the normal, dealing with bickering co-hosts, frazzles nerves and hectic work hours, but then a seemingly controversial judging decision sets every one on edge.  To top it off, one of the judges is found dead in a room where she had no logical reason to be.  Bex can't accept that it was an accident but who would want to murder her, or better yet, it turns out, who wouldn't want to murder her....

This story explored the egos, insecurities and jealousy of the competitors, their families and their coaches.  Ms. Adams also kept me off balance by tossing in revelations that came totally out of the blue.  After each of those, I had to stop and re-think my whole grasp of what I thought had happened.

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Murder on Ice: Enhanced Multimedia Edition is available on Amazon and B&N.

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