Monday, August 06, 2012


Rachel smiled sadly.  “Thank you, Matthew.”

“For what?”

“For not coming in here with a diatribe against Carl. I know how you felt about him, once upon a time.”

“And I know how you felt about my expressing those feelings. You cut me off. You told me to accept Carl or…”

“I actually thought you would. I honestly thought that when you, Amanda and Jamie realized just how much Carl loved me, and how much I loved him in return, you’d be able to get past your resentment.”

“We tried,” Matt couldn’t help defending himself and his siblings. “We all tried.”

“I accepted Lila when you married her. And Donna. I accepted Amanda with Grant, and Jamie with Vicky. I didn’t merely try. I did it. Because it made my children happy. Because those otherwise very questionable people made my children happy – at least for a time. All I asked was for the same consideration in return.”


After a chat with Donna, Matt reaches out to Rachel, but even he can't protect her from yet another shock.  Marley can't stay away from Jamie while Grant defends Lila's honor to Chase.  Morgan questions Amanda's choices, and Allie does the same to GQ's conclusions. 

Plus, a familiar flower blooms in Bay City...

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