Thursday, August 16, 2012


“This,” Rachel waved her hand in the direction of the window, through which her last few guests could be seen getting ready to leave. “This is all Chase Hamilton’s fault. He abused the power of his office to selectively prosecute my husband for a series of ancient crimes. He gave Carl no choice but to run, knowing he could never get a fair trial while Emperor Hamilton was on his throne. He killed my husband. He killed my children. And I have no intention of letting him get away with it.”

“Sounds reasonable,” Grant responded, still wondering where all of this was going.

“When Hamilton came to arrest Carl, I called him a disgrace. The son of a bitch responded that I was welcome to express my displeasure at the ballot box. I intend to take him up on his offer. That, and much more."


Rachel buries her husband and youngest children, while making plans to bury Chase, as well - turning for help to a most unlikely source.  Meanwhile, Iris reacquaints herself with Sarah, Kevin pushes Jamie to take action, Felicia and Lucas briefly reunite, Marley worries over Grant, Charlie demands a response from Zeno, and Rachel wonders what might have happened if everything were different.

You are cordially invited to the memorial service for Carl, Cory and Elizabeth Hutchins at:

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