Monday, August 06, 2012


It’s a rare day indeed when I don’t receive an e-mail offer to “ENHANCE YOUR ROMANTIC LIFE!!!!!” This usually entails some very uncomfortable looking pumps.

On the other hand, who doesn’t want to enhance their romantic life? Especially if they could do so without the aforementioned pumps?

And within the safe confines of a romance novel?

The concept of enhanced e-books has been around for several years. It makes perfect sense with works of non-fiction. History books can be enhanced with interactive maps. Cookbooks can offer video of the proper way to separate eggs whites. Exercise manuals are naturals for step-by-step instructions, and any rock star’s biography can only be made better via audio clips of their best performances.

When it comes to fiction, however, the applications are less obvious. Some horror titles have added creepy sound effects to compliment the action. Children’s books boast touch-screen games. Mystery novels prompt you to hunt for clues along with the sleuth.

But, where does that leave romance? What kind of sound effects would you expect to find (that you won’t be arrested for playing in public)? What precisely would the screen encourage you to touch? 

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