Monday, August 27, 2012


Alice held up a hand to put Rachel off momentarily. “First of all, Rachel, before you get to whatever it is you intend to say, please allow me to convey my deepest condolences. I would never claim to know how you feel, grief is simply too individualized for that kind of easy platitude. But, do believe that you have my most sincere sympathy.”

“Thank you,” Rachel said, then hesitated. “I presume Jamie filled you in on how he thinks this is all a deception on Carl’s part? And that not only is he alive somewhere with my children, but that he also has Lorna in his clutches?”

Alice answered cautiously, “Jamie did tell me that, yes.”

“And you think he’s right?”

“I think that it’s none of my business.”

“Carl wouldn’t do this to me. He would never, ever put me through this kind of pain. Carl knows what it’s like to lose a child. He wouldn’t inflict the same on me.”

“I’m sorry that you are forced to go through it, Rachel. I’m sorry for you, sorry for Jamie, sorry for everyone involved.”

Rachel clearly heard the dodge in Alice’s reply. But, she decided to let it pass in favor of the business at hand....


Rachel turns to Alice for a favor, Donna asks Matt to make a sacrifice, Jamie gets support from an unexpected party, Frankie and Cass do what they do best (well, second best), Kirkland confuses Charlie, and Steven gets a clue regarding Horace's true intentions.

It's a day of give and take in Bay City at:

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