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The Razzies are the anti-Oscars, awards given out for the most dubious cinematic achievements of the year.

Reading a book by one of its co-creators -

- I made a stunning discovery.  Of all the soap operas past and present, General Hospital is disproportionally represented.

Razzie winners include:

David Mendenhall (Rick and Lesley Webber's adopted son, Mike, who was eventually revealed to be the biological child of Ginny and Derek.  The ungrateful little brat played one set of parents off against the other until Lesley died, Rick married Ginny, the two had a son of their own, and Mike stomped off in a huff to live with Derek and his new wife, Lorena.  I'm sorry, am I editorializing?  In case it isn't clear, I could not stand Mike.  And I was his age, so he was supposed to be someone for me to relate to!) won Worst Supporting Actor in 1987 for Sylvester Stallone's Over the Top, a big budget, Rocky-style movie exploring the cut-throat world of... professional arm wrestling?

Janine Turner (the Laura lookalike who was supposed to make Luke think she was his Laura after Laura died then take Laura's place in viewers hearts.  Didn't happen) was nominated Worst Supporting Actress in 1993 for - surprise! - yet another Sylvester Stallone movie, Cliffhanger.  It was not, alas, the soap opera kind, but the kind where character literally hang off a cliff.

Demi Moore (the Laura lookalike's sister, Jackie, big time reporter - at the age of 19, no less! - also brought on to romance Luke and make viewers forget there ever was an Original Recipe Laura.  Despite the fact that Jackie's actual chemistry was with Robert, not Luke.  Jackie and Robert did eventually get together.  Until he married Holly.  Who was pregnant with a presumed dead Luke's baby.  And fell in love with her.  Jackie was not amused.) is a multi-Razzie nominee for The Butcher's Wife, Nothing But Trouble, Indecent Proposal, The Scarlet Letter, and Passion of the Mind, and a Winner for GI Jane, The Juror and Striptease.

As the above are too numerous to link to, enjoy, instead, this classic clip of Demi on General Hospital:

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