Friday, August 17, 2012


Between producing and writing enhanced e-books, contributing to a variety of parenting websites and blogs, continuing, not to mention the husband and three kids, I don't have a lot of time left over for... much of anything.

Which is why my guilty pleasures are few and far between.  However, when I stumble onto one, I tend to get... oh, what's a pleasant way to put it... obsessed.

My latest time suck is  It is, quite simply, crack for pop culture junkies, as it meticulously tracks every trope ever employed in film, literature, anime, manga, fan works and, of course, television.  It is massive, and it is addictive.  Like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop. 

Considering I have spent literaly hours every day of the past month clicking through it's multiple pages (yes, they have entries for daytime soaps.  And nighttime soaps.  And soaps spoofs.  And... everything), you can imagine my giddy delight at finding myself included among the listings!

There's Virgin Vision:

The first chapter of Alina Adams figure skating mystery Death Drop starts with the researcher heroine listening to commentator insisting "You can always tell a virgin by the way she skates." She thinks the non-virgins skate better. She turns out to be right in her assessment of the skater they were watching.  (For those interested, yes, this anecdote is based on a real incident from my days as a figure skating researcher.)

And also Engineered Public Confession:

At the end of the Alina Adams mystery Death Drop, the heroine engineers a situation for the murderer to make a confession to a certain acquaintance of his with a reality TV show in a storeroom full of cameras; he didn't check to make sure none of them were on. Thanks to a waiver he'd signed earlier, it was not only an on-camera confession, but a court admissible one. (This has not happened in real life... yet.)

To find out how those two tropes go together, check out Death Drop: Enhanced Multimedia Edition by Alina Adams on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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