Thursday, August 09, 2012


“Rachel, my dear!” Iris walked into the Cory Mansion as if she’d last left only a couple of hours ago, and proceeded to address her onetime stepmother as if they were already in the middle of a conversation. Not to mention on speaking terms. “How dreadful! How absolutely dreadful for you! You must be positively prostrate with grief! How are you possibly managing to remain upright? Truly, if I were in your agonized position I should have gone thoroughly catatonic. Oh, Rachel, you are indeed an inspiration to us all!”

At that, Iris proceeded to embrace her. Leaving Rachel with no choice but to hug back. Or, at least, to remain standing where she had been. Prostrate if not with grief, then with shock.

“What are you doing here, Iris?’

“Isn’t it obvious?” Mac’s oldest daughter signaled to the driver who’d been standing quietly behind her up to this point, indicating that he could commence bringing in her luggage. All of the seemingly infinite, matching pieces of it. “I came to be with my family in their hour of need!”

“After eighteen years?” Rachel asked incredulously.

“Well, I was rather inopportunely detained for a portion of that time…”

“You were in jail for trying to kill my husband,” Rachel was in no mood for euphemisms.

“An accident, as I made clear at the time of my sentencing. And beyond.”

“What do you want, Iris?"


Iris strikes a nerve with Rachel - without revealing her true motives, Cass and Frankie get a clue regarding Carl, Jamie's sons offer him a warning, Marley has a suggestion for Matt regarding Donna, Felicia's life gets turned upside down, and Sarah drops the mother of all bombshells on Grant.

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Derek said...

I am thrilled with the reintroduction of the one and only Iris Cory Carrington Bancroft Wheeler. Must admit that I am behind in the storyline this summer, but will be glued to updates from here on in.