Monday, April 23, 2012


I knew I wanted a job in soaps from the time I was 10 years old.  What I didn't know at 10, and for many years afterwards, was how one went about the process.

I did the usual things, went to college, got a Bachelor's in Writing for Television.  Then I got a Master's in Writing for Television (for the record, I don't recommend either, but that's a topic for another post).  As I tried to figure out how to get a job in soaps, I thought I'd give a shot at writing for the next best thing: romance novels.  (I always thought if the soap thing didn't work out, I could be Sidney Sheldon.)

I wrote two Regency romances, The Fictitious Marquis and Thieves at Heart, and two contemporary romance novels, Annie's Wild Ride and When a Man Loves a Woman.

I also worked for E! Entertainment, writing their talk show, Pure Soap, and then moved to ABC Daytime.  At ABC Daytime, I was asked for writing samples.  But, when I gave them the books I'd published, I was asked whether I had anything a little more soapy.

I didn't.  But, why should that stop me? 

They wanted soapy?  I'd write soapy!  Which is how Counterpoint came about.  It's got star-crossed lovers, long-buried family secrets, scheming bitches, swoon-worthy heroes, illegitimate babies, exotic locations and sex.  Lots of sex.  You know, all that good stuff.

Counterpoint was the sample I used to get my early soap jobs, as well as the chance to eventually write such soap opera tie-ins as Oakdale Confidential, The Man From Oakdale, and Jonathan's Story (with Julia London).

I'd always toyed with the idea of publishing it, but, fact was, Counterpoint was a sample, not a complete story.

And then, I had an idea.

Having written Another World Today and Mindy's Twitter for P&G with fan interaction to tell me what should happen next, I decided to do the exact same thing with Counterpoint.

I've started it, but I'm counting on my readers to help me finish it!

Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga (Volume One) is out now on Amazon.  Click the link below to check it out.

A new book is scheduled to come out every month.  Written by me... and you!

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