Monday, April 09, 2012


“Kevin did what?” Rachel, Carl, and Amanda descended on Elizabeth en masse in light of her water-logged accusation, ignoring the suddenly hushed crowd of Felicia’s guests gathered around them.

“He attacked me,” Elizabeth insisted, hysterical, lips chattering and turning blue from the cold of having been ducked in a pool on a chilly April evening.

“Somebody get her a towel, a blanket,” Rachel called over her shoulder, sending an anonymous staff member scurrying, while she pulled her daughter closer, attempting to warm Elizabeth up using her own cashmere wrap.

Amanda, on the other hand, grabbed her sister’s shoulder, forcing Elizabeth to look Amanda in the eye. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Leaving Rachel to tend to Elizabeth, Carl stepped up to the pool’s edge, where Kevin was now climbing out himself, shaking the ends of his tuxedo jacket in a futile attempt to wring it dry, wiping chlorine out of his eyes with an equally damp sleeve even as water continued to drip from his hair.

“What have you done?” Carl seethed, every ounce of his terrifying fury directed wholly at Amanda’s husband.


Elizabeth proves just how far she's willing to go, Sarah stuns Grant with her proposition, Chase struggles to prove his case against Carl, Lucas makes a confession to Lorna, and Donna defends her actions to Matt.

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