Thursday, April 26, 2012


Marley admitted to Jamie, “I told Michele and Bridget about Jake and Vicky having a history together; before me, and after me, and how she knew him in a different way, better than anyone else, I suspect, and how she’d always loved him, would always love him…. Bridget asked then about me and Jake. If I’d forgiven him?”

“Well, at least that was an easy one to answer.”

“To myself? Yes. To a pair of impressionable 12 year old girls? When I heard the words coming out of my mouth, about how I didn’t press charges, how I basically let Jake get away with it, and then how I even convinced myself I was still in love with him… What kind of a message is that to send?”

“With all due respect, Marley,” Jamie said slowly. “I’m not sure why you thought I was the appropriate person to come to with this.”

“Because. You always thought I let Jake off too easy. You were convinced he was dangerous, that he would do it again, given the opportunity.”

“At which point the entire town, including Paulina, my own grandmother, Vicky, and you, made it clear I was barking up the wrong tree and then, as I recall, somehow, Jake came out the victim, with me as the sanctimonious bully. You’ll forgive me if I don’t quite feel like taking another stroll down that particular path.”


The repercussions of Jake's twenty year old actions trickle down to Marley, Jamie, Bridget, Michele and Kirkland.  Grant comes to terms with losing his son, while Kirkland makes peace with Vicky's memory.  Jamie mourns the state of his relationship with Rachel and tends to an emergency with Matt.  Cory and Steven come to an understanding - and a plan.

You hold the power of life and death in today's episode of AWT!

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