Monday, April 02, 2012


"Everything looks fantastic!” Frankie kissed Cass and Felicia’s cheeks in turn as they surveyed the Bay City Country Club, completely taken over from ballroom to adjoining open air pool and patio deck, all decked out on the occasion of Felicia Gallant’s e-book release gala and fundraiser.

“This is going to be the party of the year,” Cass predicted. “People will be talking about what happened here for years to come. ”

His words proved prophetic. But, not in the way any of them expected.

First, there were guests to greet, and hands to shake, and air kisses to be exchanged. The guest list deliberately included a Who’s Who of Bay City, including, among others, the Mayor of Bay City, the current woman in his life – and the man he’d left for her. Cass and Felicia had sent out the invitations before Chase and Doug’s astounding implosion, and they were stunned both had still agreed to come, albeit making a point of keeping their distance from each other.

The man Chase beat for Mayor, Grant, was there, too. Along with his wife – the woman who’d nearly killed Felicia’s daughter. That invitation had been issued earlier, as well.

One person conspicuously not there, was the daughter in question (which was probably a good thing, considering Marley and Morgan’s attendance). Though Lorna and Jamie had been invited, they’d sent their regrets. At least Jamie had, scribbling a note explaining that Kirkland would be representing the family, as Charlie’s date. Lorna was apparently assuming radio silence.

Which was just as well, with Carl and Rachel on the premises. Although they arrived separately, Carl escorted by Elizabeth, and Rachel with Cory, as soon as they were in the same room, the couple quite obviously couldn’t keep away from each other.

Despite Amanda glowering at them from across the room, and Kevin trying to convince her to let it go – if only temporarily.

“Quite the turn out,” Cass told Felicia, needing to raise his voice to be heard above the music and the clinking of sterling silver forks against china plates.

She smiled and nodded, the picture of agreement and contentment. While a part of her continued surreptitiously watching the door. Until Lucas, looking admittedly dapper in a tuxedo, stepped through it.


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