Monday, April 30, 2012


"What do you want, Carl?” Lorna continued to hold the front door open, so Rachel’s husband might get the hint he wasn’t wanted, even as Carl appeared content to make himself at home in her and Jamie’s living room.

He sat down, arms draped over the back of the sofa, legs crossed, head turned in Lorna’s direction. “We need to have a little chat.”

“No, Carl, we really don’t.”

“I understand that you are one of the scant people in Bay City who did not automatically assume my daughter was fabricating her allegations against Mr. Fowler.”

Lorna stayed where she was, fingers tightening around the doorknob as she noted, “I’d hardly be one to talk, would I?”

“Quite right, quite right. You do bring an impressive wealth of previous life experience to this particular table.”

“I wasn’t lying when I…” Lorna reminded through gritted teeth.

“You were about the good Dr. Winthrop.”

“I – I made a mistake.”

“And is that what you believe Elizabeth has made? A mistake regarding her attacker’s identity?”


Carl and Lorna draw battle-lines, Rachel faces off with both Jeanne and Donna, Amanda disappoints Kevin, Charlie surprises Frankie and Cass, Grant offers Sarah an escape clause.

Relationships explode at:

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