Monday, April 16, 2012


“Did our mom know what he did to you?” Michele blurted out.

“Yes," Marley said.

“And she still married him? She married somebody who hurt her sister?” Michele looked at Bridget protectively.

“Vicky and Jake grew up together. They loved each other long before I came into the picture. They were destined to be together.”

“But, he hurt you…”

“That’s enough, Michele,” Grant couldn’t take it any longer. “Browbeating your aunt isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

“But, I don’t understand!” Michele’s last vestige of hard-won maturity faded away as she stomped her foot in fury. “You said our dad was a good person, but he raped you. And then our mom married him. And then you wanted him back. How can that happen?”


Marley and Grant attempt to explain Jake and Vicky to Michele and Bridget. Jen's condition takes a turn for the worse and prompts a confession from Kevin. Donna is forced to answer for her actions, while Matt and Lila question Jasmine, and Cory does the same to Elizabeth.

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