Thursday, April 19, 2012


Jamie hesitated. “I – Lorna gave me a pretty strong lecture about rushing to judgment based on a woman’s past actions.”

“Oh.” Rachel hadn’t expected that, and wasn’t sure what to say next. “Well, I guess she would know, wouldn’t she?” Hearing how brittle she sounded, Rachel forced herself to dial back. “Do thank Lorna for me, please. I’m sure Elizabeth will appreciate both of yours support. Especially in light of… everything.”

“When you mentioned how detailed Elizabeth’s description of the incident was…”

“The rape crises counselor said it’s very unlikely she’s lying,” Rachel stuck to facts.

“Lorna – Lorna had a thought. She floated the idea that maybe Elizabeth is telling the truth. Just maybe not about Kevin.”

“What? That’s ridiculous! Who else could she possibly be talking about?”

Jamie knew this was his last possible opportunity to turn back, to keep this particular can of worms shut. He realized that, in good conscience, he couldn’t risk it. “Lorna thought maybe Elizabeth was talking about… Carl.”


Rachel is rocked by Jamie and Lorna's suspicion, Chase questions Lila's next move, Marley agonizes over Jake and the twins, while Dean and Matt respond to Jeanne's actions - not at all in the way Donna expected...

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