Tuesday, January 04, 2011

By Alina Adams

When my husband and I first got together, people kept referring to us as a mixed marriage.

They were right, but not for the reasons they thought.

Back then, I was a General Hospital fan and Scott was an All My Children fan. (Gary Warner, author of the AMC, OLTL and GH Family Scrapbooks, teased us that our kids would be One Life to Live fans out of rebellion.)

And just like, yesterday, I wrote about my stubborn belief that GH's Holly was the love of Robert's life, Scott also holds a pretty firm AMC opinion - only his is more obscure, to say the least.

Scott swears that the love of Erica Kane's life is... Mike Roy.

Mike Roy? Seriously?

Who, other than Scott, even remembers Mike Roy?

Ask a recent AMC watcher who Erica's soulmate is, and they'll insist it's Jackson. Ask an old-timer, and they'll likely say Nick.

Mike (played most often by Nicholas Surovy; but also briefly by Hugo Napier - Ned's dad, Larry, on GH, and the true Stenbeck heir, Gunnar, on ATWT) was hired in 1983 to write Erica's autobiography, Raising Kane.

The two had frequent disagreements regarding Erica's version of past events versus "the truth" (when, really, what they should have been debating was the definition of "authorized biography." Erica would win that one.) But, the fights, naturally, was just foreplay.

The two fell in love, despite Erica's inconvenient marriage to Adam. But, were unable to wed. Due, once again, to Adam.

Mike died while helping Brooke (as if Erica needed more reasons to dislike Ms. English), and Erica was devastated. But, according to Scott, Mike was the first man she'd loved unconditionally, and she didn't play nearly as many games with him as she had with her previous lovers. Mike made Erica grow up, and he died a hero.

When it comes to his return, thirteen years later, having faked his death and now scheming to win Erica from Jackson, Scott, like me and GH's Ethan, simply covers his eyes and ears and insists it never happened. Because Mike's return completely obliterated his bravery, and all the progress Erica had made by loving him.

I love my husband, and I happen to think he is brilliant... about most things. This, I'm not so sure about.

But, I will yield to majority opinion. Watch the clip below and let me know what you think: Could Mike Roy have possibly been Erica's true love?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your take on this though I do still love Erica and Jack!

I am not sure if Erica can actually settle with one man since she seems too listless to be satiated in all aspects of her personality by just one man...lol...


Jack was a one-note actor with no humor at all. He represented the facase of respectability that Erica sought so fiercely because she knew deep down she was a scoundrel. As was Mike Roy at times. Their story is mirror-image Rhett and Scarlett, with Jack doing duty as the "sand eyed Ashley Wilkes". I watched AMC from its' first episode in 1970 til the ABC broadcast finale to even the sporadically produced internet episodes and I can say without a doubt that Mike Roy was the love of Erica's life, and I am certain of it because when his character was introduced in 1983 I was SO ANGRY at how Mike treated her that I wrote a letter to Agnes Nixon! My mother who was quite sophisticated assured me that Mike's behavior toward Erica was not mean and that I might be pleasantly surprised at the turnout. As I matured of course I changed my opinion of Erica and Mike! His return in 1998 did not negate his heroic "death" years earlier. Palmer's paintings, remember? Even if there is disagreement over who of Erica's hushel of husbands was her "true" love, anyone watching Susan Lucci and Nic Surovy togeyher onscreen would have to be bowled over hy their on-screen chemistry. Sizzling and unforgettable. Your husband is a man's man and ger smart 😊