Thursday, January 06, 2011


"Cass, when I said... what I said... before, I was upset."

"Ready to take it back then? Now that I'm no longer in prison and looking at conducting our marriage exclusively through bullet-proof windows and germ-ridden phones, are you willing to take back what you said about my failing you?"

She avoided the question by telling him honestly, "We share the blame for not rooting Cecile out of our lives years ago, for not taking her seriously until it was too late."

"Don't do that, Frankie. Don't try to make me feel better by sharing the blame. It'll only make your resentment grow."

"I don't resent you." Frankie searched desperately for the apt words. "Yes, you let me down when you allowed yet another woman to disrupt our marriage. It was bad enough when Kathleen... And yes, I was disappointed that you were willing to let others take the fall for your actions or even live a life on the run, but, you couldn't discover it in you to fight for us. It was like..."

"What? What was it like? Tell me. We need to get this out once and for all."


Cass and Frankie hash through issues they should have confronted a long time ago, Morgan takes the stand - and gets a shock, Alice tells Rachel what she really thinks of her, and Donna learns something she suspected... but didn't really want to know. And you get to decide what she does with her information!

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