Thursday, January 13, 2011


"Ah," understanding dawned for Spencer, and he told Carl, "So that's it. You've had your first taste of chickens coming home to roost. And you didn't like it."

"Don't be daft. I have suffered plenty of consequences for my actions in the past. You don't consider a jail term adequate castigation?"

"Not even close," Spencer said with such absolute certainty, he compelled Carl to give the matter at least one more moment of thought. "The only penalties you've ever had to endure as a result of your misdeeds have been laid squarely on your own shoulders. You've never had to pay with the blood of someone you loved."

"I beg to differ! When I lost Ryan — "

"When we lost Ryan," Spencer corrected pointedly. "It was a tragic accident, which had nothing to do with us directly, save the idiocy on both our parts of having loved a woman like Justine. Of course, without her, there would have never been a Ryan, so the situation hardly qualifies."

"Then I'm afraid I have failed to surmise your point."

"For the past fifteen years, give or take a slip up along the way, you've made quite the spectacle of your reformation. You claim great remorse, complete with crocodile tears and soulful breast-beating — do spare us anymore melodramatic breast-beating! — for your sins. But, you've never had to, as those of us without a classical education might phrase it: Put your money where your mouth is. You've been issued a free pass without having to pay the piper. And now you're terrified you actually might have to. And soon. That's what this is all about. You're finally willing to take responsibility for your actions. Because you finally have something to lose."


Spencer forces Carl to reconsider his motives, Felicia lashes out on the stand, Lila offers Amanda a warning, Jen finally sees GQ's point of view and makes a confession of her own, Marley reaches out to a surprising person for help, and Grant is forced into yet another lie.

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