Monday, January 03, 2011


"I brought you the clothes you need for court," Rachel handed Jamie a garment bag, taking in the dark circles under her son's eyes, not to mention the gaunt expression in them, guessing that the suit and shirt she'd taken out of his closet would be a size too big by now. Rachel estimated he'd lost close to ten pounds since Lorna first got hurt.

"Thanks, Mom," he accepted it out of her hand, dropping the bag on a nearby chair and mustering up a thin-lipped smile.

Despite promising herself that she wouldn't interfere or offer unsolicited advice, that she'd just be grateful Jamie had reached out and allowed her to do him this one small favor, Rachel couldn't stop herself from urging, "You need to eat something, honey. Just tell me what you'd like, and I'll go out and get it for you before you need to leave. You making yourself sick won't do Lorna or the baby any good."

"I already got this lecture from Alice," he dismissed.

"Alice Frame,' Rachel snapped, much harsher than she'd intended, "Is not your mother."

"She could have been," Jamie mused, not taking his eyes off Lorna and thus missing the look on Rachel's face in response to his statement. "Maybe she should have been."


Heading into court, Rachel supports Jamie while Carl does the same for Felicia, Donna obeys a court order in her own indomitable way, Lila lets the feud with Amanda get her into hot water, Marley begins questioning her actions as Grant urges her to stay the course, and Kevin places a stumbling block in GQ's reunion with Hudson.

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