Monday, January 24, 2011


"Amanda has told me the most interesting thing," Rachel began, stepping into Lila's room and closing the door behind them to make certain they couldn't be overhead.

"Is that a fact?" Lila injected so much lack of concern into her query that her obvious concern was nearly palpable.

"I understand you made the phone call that prompted the police to arrest Alice Frame."

Lila peered up guiltily at Rachel, saying nothing.

"Why, Lila?" her former mother-in-law wondered.

"Because. Kevin treated me like garbage and she's his Grandma, and — "

"No," Rachel interrupted. "Why did you take the blame for something I know you didn't do?"

"Oh," Lila said. And then she confirmed, "So it was you?"


Rachel and Lila hash out the truth, Lucas makes a confession to Felicia, Grant wrestles with a soul-crushing decision, Donna questions Marley's motives regarding Sarah, while Frankie and Cass struggle to build a future despite what's happened in the past.

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