Monday, January 17, 2011


"You weren't there, Luke!" Felicia broke. "When Jenna died, when she was suffering, when we were locked up in that damned convent and all I could do was hold her hand and promise her everything was going to be okay; which turned out to be a lie in the end — you weren't there! I had to witness that, survive it alone. You don't know what I went through, so no, you don't know my pain. You haven't lived it."

"I'm living it now. I'm watching our other daughter suffer — "

"Which can be fixed, if we let Morgan — "

"Which you hope can be fixed," Lucas corrected. "Lorna could just as easily slip away from us, too."

"She won't."

"And you're certain of this because?"

"Because Morgan — "

"Morgan lies. Morgan has been lying to you for years, starting with keeping his marriage to Lorna a secret, right up through his claim that it was anything more than in name only. Morgan is a liar. So you need to give me some better reasons than to trust that everything is going to turn out fine if we just do what he says."

"Forget about trusting Morgan. How about trusting me? Your wife? Trust me and love me — love Lorna — enough to believe — "

"I do love you," Lucas affirmed in a broken voice. "And I love Lorna. Enough to look past myself and think about what's best for her in the long run!"

"That's what I'm doing, too," Felicia cried in exasperation. "Why can't you see that? Morgan does. Even Carl — "

"Carl?" Lucas stilled, his body rigid, working to hold in an utter and complete explosion of rage. "No, Fanny. You are not going to bring that vile piece of inhuman filth who sexually, emotionally, and psychologically exploited our daughter for a good portion of her adolescence, into this conversation."


Felicia's testimony compels Lucas to take drastic measures, Alice questions Amanda's version of events, Morgan defends his actions, Sarah's presence raises Donna's suspicions, Cass forces Frankie and Dean to face facts, and GQ gets a visit from Hudson... and his parents, Rick and Mindy Bauer.

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