Thursday, January 27, 2011


"I love you, Mary Frances. And, yes, the physical aspect is a big part of it, I'm not going to lie."

"That's good. Because I wouldn't believe you."

"But, I also understand what you said, about needing to feel that we've reconnected in every way, on every level. I will do anything and everything I have to so we can get back to what and who we once were. We used to be fun, Frankie? Remember? We were the fun couple. The one that made people smile just saying our names in the same breath. Cass and Frankie, Frankie and Cass."

"Crankie?" she joked feebly, trying her best not to fall under his spell. Failing miserably. Just like she knew she would from the start.

"We can be that couple again."

"Do you honestly believe that's still possible?"

"I wouldn't be here, fighting, if I didn't." He took both her hands in his. "Think about it. Think about all that we've already surmounted and survived. You came back from the dead for me. Twice. How can that possibly compare to a few... differences of opinion?"

"We could be the poster children," she suggested. "For what happens to the fun couple when life stops being... fun?"


Frankie and Cass struggle to recapture who they once were, Lucas drops yet another bombshell on Felicia, Marley warns Grant not to fall into old habits, Jen makes a confession to Steven, and Rachel finally realizes how she can help Jamie.

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