Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Alexandra Chando (Maddie; ATWT)

Larry Bryggman (John; ATWT)

Michael Park (Jack; ATWT)

Frank Runyon (Steve; ATWT)

Matt Bomer (Ben; GL)

Robert Newman (Josh; GL)

Sandra Robinson (Amanda; AW)


SoapFan78 said...

Thanks for sharing these updates. Glad to know what some of our past favorite actors are doing with their lives.


I enjoy Mindy's tweets but am dismayed by how Mel has changed from the show. Mel was never vindictive or mean-spirited. Even with Beth, with Rick cheated, Mel was decent.

Miss Ripley said...

Wonderful to see! Very excited for to see Alex Chando again, I definitely missed her on the show in the end.

Oh! And don't forget about Van, Jake and Eric!

Van's movie "Occupant" is set to be released hopefully in the very near future.

Jake's film "STUFFER", which he wrote and also appears in as Haken, is coming along and a trailer has just been released.

And then Eric Sheffer Stevens! His movie "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty" in which he plays Franklin has reached it's initial fundraising goal and has just released a trailer and it looks AMAZING. Check it out here:

2A said...

Very excited to see Alexandra Chando on a new show. :)