Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Celebrate the quintessential American holiday with three quintessentially American shows.... Classic Thanksgivings from As The World Turns, Guiding Light and Another World!

ATWT 1989: Paul is on trial for 'murdering' James (it's Jessica for the defense!), Emily squares off with a Snyder sister who isn't Meg, and Kirk romances Iva while wearing a big hat. Plus Hal! Andy! Lien! Duke! Hillary Bailey Smith as Margo and Scott Bryce as Craig!

GL 1985: Roxie and Hawk do their own unique versions of supporting Reva, Alexandra and Beth pray over a hospitalized Lujak, and a cartel called Infinity makes life miserable for the Lewises and Kyle.

AW 1988: Vicky dresses like an Indian while pouting over Jamie to Donna, Matt growls at Mitch, Marley obsesses over having a baby (still? Again?) with Jake, and Rachel rolls out the red carpet for Iris.

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