Tuesday, November 02, 2010

By Alina Adams

The fact that Mike Bauer was able to temporarily relocate from Springfield to Bay City, Cass Winthrop practice law on AW, ATWT and GL, and Chris Hughes hope to get a heart from his neighboring burg, indicates that all three soap towns exist in the same universe.

Which must make it terribly confusing for their citizens when they spot allegedly non-related people who somehow look awfully familiar (like, say, Mark Evans, Brian McColl and Grant Harrison. Or Annie Dutton and Vicky Hudson).

This week, we take a look at another such example:

Springfield's Maureen Bauer...

And Oakdale's Margo Hughes...

Not only do the ladies look alike, but they share characteristics like feistiness, stubbornness, a firm belief in right and wrong (though never to the point of rigidity), and husbands whom they usually adore, who adore them back... but who also have been know to stray on occasion. And accidentally father an illegitimate child (GL's Michelle, ATWT's Daniel), whom Maureen and Margo nevertheless grew to love as their own.

With all that in common, if they ran into each other (I know, hard to do with Maureen being dead, but let's pretend this happened before that... and before the women stopped looking alike, too), do you think Maureen and Margo could have been friends?

Tell us in the Comments below!

Coming soon:
Felicia Gallant & Lena Kendall
Bill Lewis & Chris Hughes
Kelly Nelson & Doug Cummings
Tom Hughes & Buzz Cooper
Jamie Frame & Brian Wheatley
Craig Montgomery & Ben Warren
Edmund Winslow & Jordan Stark
& More!

(You can leave your suggestions for whom you would like to see, below, as well, and I'll try to dig up the clips.)


Alina Adams is the author of Oakdale Confidential, Jonathan's Story, The Man From Oakdale and the tongue-in-cheek self-help book:


Smoke & Passion said...

I'd like to see dopplegangers Tom Hughes and Buzz Cooper. My friend saw Justin Deas over the weekend with his wife, Margaret Colon (ex-Margo Hughes).

What memories!!

laroc said...

Always thought it would be hilarious if Cass Winthrop on one of his visits to Oakdale would have commented on the uncanny resemblance between Dusty and his brother, Morgan.