Friday, November 05, 2010



While waiting for GQ and Beth to show up for their legal meeting, Mindy attempted to make small talk with Mel.

It didn't go well.

First, they clashed about Leah dating Kevin Marler. Mel thought her daughter deserved to have fun and not obsess about her schoolwork like Mel did when she was Leah's age. Mindy thought anyone with Thorpe chromosomes - especially a teen-age boy - was bound to be trouble.

Next, Mindy was furious to find out that GQ went on TV again, to talk about Hudson's custody. ( But, she grew speechless when she heard GQ reading aloud some of the nasty, racist mail he'd received as a result.

Mindy swore to Mel that she had nothing to do with it (even as she and Beth privately wondered if Phillip might be involved... he did promise to protect them, Spaulding style).

Mel conceded that she knew that. But, also pointed out that the custody battle was bound to have a racial dimension. Did Mindy really want to put Hudson - not to mention herself and Rick... and Leah - through this?

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Thomas said...

Hi, I am a bit confused by Soap Opera 451... what I need to clarify is whether ATWT, GL, and Edge of Night are all having updated storylines ala AW Today?

I would like to get updates on the programs since I hadn't watched them for years. Maybe I will order to books to learn more...