Monday, November 22, 2010


Even though Jen had offered to go with him, GQ insisted this was something he needed to do alone. Even if he wasn't quite sure that he was actually going to do it yet.

He sat outside of Chase Hamilton's office, having given his name to the secretary at the front, and waited... as eager to find out what would happen next as anyone.

Testifying against Allie would solve two of GQ's current problems in one fell swoop. He'd put the legal problems connected with Gregory's death behind him, and he'd be able to sue for custody of Hudson.

But, testifying against Allie...

Yes, he was mad at her. Furious, really. Incensed. And yes, it bugged him that Allie had set the wheels in motion for him, Mindy and Rick Bauer, not to mention Hudson, getting hurt... and managed to walk away consequence-free.

But, being angry wasn't the same as doing something about it. Especially something this... vindictive.

"Mr. Todd," Chase stepped out of his office, holding out a hand to shake. "What brings you down here?"


Morgan gets through to Felicia when Lucas and Jamie can't, Lila steps up for Grant while Marley takes the coward's route with Kirkland, Sarah reaches out to Steven, Rachel scrambles for an answer, and GQ makes a decision regarding testifying against Allie.

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SoapFan78 said...

Allie is pretty wretched. Really, she caused this whole mess and now she's going to try to send GQ to jail--after she stole his child?

I still don't understand why she lied about Hudson not being GQ's child.