Thursday, November 04, 2010



"What, Mom?" She tuned around, hands on hips, bracing for a fight.

"Drop the tone, young lady," Rachel was in no mood for attitude. "No matter how tired you are, I am still not the enemy, here."

"Sorry," Amanda mumbled. "I just... It's been a long.... What were you going to say?"

"I was going to say that it would probably be best for you to hire a new attorney for Allie as soon as possible. Maybe you and Jamie would like to employ someone from the Cory corporate stable for both Allie and Steven. If not, perhaps Mike Bauer or — "

"Why would I get Allie a new attorney? Kevin hasn't said anything about quitting."

"His representing Alice is an obvious conflict of interest."

"How? They're all charged with the same crime."

"No, they aren't. Alice is a doctor, her indictment is much more severe than theirs. Not to mention the fact that Allie and Steven will need to testify against her."

"No way," Amanda said. "If they were going to turn on Alice, they could have done it weeks ago. Clearly, the kids aren't interested."

"Which is precisely why they need their own attorney, to explain to them why they should get interested, and quickly."

"I'm not going to let you do this, Mom."

"Do what? Protect my grandchildren?"

"At another person's expense."

"Alice is guilty. Even she isn't denying it. If anyone should be laying down the law here, it should be me forbidding you from sacrificing your daughter and your nephew to protect the grandmother of a man who certainly wouldn't do the same for you."


Marley's recollection of the past offers new perspective on her future and jeopardizes several people's future, Carl questions Rachel's role in Alice's arrest, Morgan makes a confession to Lorna, Steven confronts Sarah who blames GQ, Spencer vows to protect Alice at any cost, and you get to vote for the next mayor of Bay City!

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