Friday, November 19, 2010



Mindy tells Rick GQ's intention to seek custody of Hudson. She expects Rick to be furious about her mishandling of the situation, but Rick only apologizes for not being able to make their meeting.

Rick tells Mindy they're going to fight, by turning GQ's own words against him. They are going to prove that Hudson is better off being raised White than Black. (Meanwhile, in Bay City, GQ comes up with his own battle plan.)

Rather than immediately voicing her concerns, Mindy withdraws to think... and read her e-mail. She finds a dispatch from Josh in Andorra, who tells her that Reva is still in agony over finding out that Jeffrey is alive - and that Marah helped him kidnap Colin. Josh wishes there were something he could do to reconcile mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Edmund, who caused all the turmoil, gets away completely unpunished. "Nice to know good guys still finish last...."

Josh's despair helps make up Mindy's mind. Rick is right, they have to fight with everything they've got!

Mindy calls Phillip, who recommends a brazen plan: Mindy should get Allie to testify against GQ in the Assisted Suicide case. GQ will go to jail, and the Bauers keep Hudson. It's the least Allie owes them all.

After asking for advice from her followers, Mindy calls Allie and orders Hudson's biological mother to do just that...

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SoapFan78 said...

OK, Mindy has gone too far by asking Allie to testify against GQ.

Mindy is willing to destroy GQ for helping a friend who was suffering a horrible illness end his life.

I understand her loving Hudson and not wanting to give him up, but there are certain lines one doesn't cross. She wants to imprison GQ to take his child. There's no evidence that GQ is a bad person. None.

Also, isn't there something unseemly about a white woman trying to take a child from his black parent, hello era of slavery.

SoapFan78 said...

How can Rick, the father of biracial child, actually look that daughter in the eyes while believing the following statement is true: "They are going to prove that Hudson is better off being raised White than Black."


C. said...

GQ painting it like Allie had an agenda is not correct either.

I disagree with the way Mindy is going about this, but I do not want GQ involving with raising Hudson until he gets the hell over himself.

If GQ raises Hudson, Hudson will basically carry on the behaviour that resulted in GQ treating Allie like trash - he essentially wanted to hide any relationship they had. The questions of "why isn't Hudson with his mother?" and "why is his father raising him?" should be accompanied with the one of "why did Hudson's FATHER not want to be with his MOTHER, but yet want Hudson?"

Exactly who is the one with the agenda here?

Shamos said...

I am a fan of GUIDING LIGHT & specifically the character of MINDY LEWIS. People this is entertainment. Mindy has suffered a few miscarriages. This is the first time that she has done something like the old Mindy, who was a selfish, spoiled bitch. Having a child taken away would destroy her, hence her actions. If anything, this controversy has sparked good storyline, and that's really the point. Bring on the debates, but don't take it too seriously. This plot would not have materialized if GL and or AW were still on the air. Kudos to the writer. I know that if/when Mindy wins, she will still be gracious to GQ. I do see his side, but my allegiance is to Melinda Sue!

Shamos said...

Mindy & Rick are the only parents Hudson has known. Genetics do not make good parents. The Bauers wanted to be fair and have the open adoption, but GQ started it all by playing dirty, they are simply fighting back.

SoapFan78 said...


Hudson is an infant, only a few months old. Now is the perfect time for him to be reunited with his birth parent with minimal damage being done to him.

Again, I think Mindy & Rick's decision to raise Hudson "white" seems pretty obnoxious, especially in light of Rick's own experience as the parent of a biracial daughter, Leah.