Thursday, November 18, 2010


Finding Rachel on her doorstep the previous day hadn't come as a surprise to Alice. Neither did Sharlene's appearance in the same spot the following morning.

"Come in," Alice said, even as her former sister-in-law seemed unsure as to whether she genuinely wanted to. "Please," Alice added encouragingly.

Sharlene did, though she declined the chair she was subsequently offered. Instead, she asked, voice halting, "Was he... was he in a lot of pain?"

Alice nodded regretfully.

"When he was first diagnosed," Sharlene recalled. "I used to think the treatment was worse than the disease. The things they put him through... But, he was so brave then."

"He was brave now."

"Not brave enough to fight."

"Brave enough to know when it was time to stop."

"That wasn't your decision to make!" Sharlene exploded.

"And I wasn't the one who made it," Alice replied, her voice calm in comparison. "Gregory did."


The new Mayor makes a tempting offer to Sarah - and Grant, Rachel and Carl reminisce about the people they used to be and wonder if all their changes were for the best, Lila and Kevin consider facing reality, Felicia, Lucas and Jamie get Lorna's prognosis while the cover-up surrounding her accident pulls in another unwitting accomplice.

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