Monday, November 29, 2010


"Over the past few days," Dr. Abel Marsh told Jamie, Felicia, Lucas and Morgan, "We've invited half the hospital in here for a consult of one kind or another. The consensus seems to be.... In spite of all the equipment we've got here, in spite of the medical advances that have been made just this century alone, sometimes the best thing to do is to leave the body alone to heal itself."

"For how long?" Morgan wondered, his reputation for preferring to treat aggressively popping up even in what technically wasn't his case... or, Jamie thought, his business. Jamie supposed he could ask Morgan to leave. But, that would merely have been wasted energy better spent focusing on Lorna.

"There is, however, a problem," Abel ignored Morgan's question. "Judging by other vital signs, Ms. Devon's body is being stressed much more than can be considered optimal for sufficient facilitation of the healing process."

"English," Lucas snapped.

Abel was about to oblige, when Morgan interrupted. "Lorna needs all her strength and resources to pull through this. Her body needs to be one hundred percent honed toward healing the brain injury so she can wake up. But, it's not right now."

"Why not?" The words were barely out of Felicia's mouth before Jamie interrupted.

"The baby," he said dully.


Lorna's prognosis pits the people who love her against each other, Frankie attempts to reassure a hostile Charlie, Kirkland and Lila drop bombshells on Grant, Chase backs Kevin into a corner, and Dean finally confronts Donna.

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