Thursday, November 25, 2010


"You know what's weird?" Kirkland observed thoughtfully in between chewing.

Jamie could think of several things off the top of his head. But he merely asked, "What?"

"Last year, we were all at the hospital on Thanksgiving, too, remember? Only you and Marley were married, and Grant and Spencer and Alice came with me, and Cass wasn't in jail, and Felicia didn't know Lucas was alive, and Lorna..."

"Gave me a bracelet..."

"What?" Steven stared at him oddly. "What for?"

"It's... a long story."

Seeing that Jamie appeared close to tears all of a sudden, Kirkland quickly attempted to distract with, "And Matt started a toast. Like he said Amanda's dad always used to."

"Mac was a dad to all of us," Jamie corrected gently.

Steven picked up the baton of look-over-there! diversion. "So what was so great about these toasts of his? Everybody's always talking about them. You remember any?"

"There was one," Jamie began, struggling to recall exactly how it went, he'd heard so many others quote it over the years, he wanted to make sure he did it justice. "Mac said... I think... He said: I'm grateful for the awareness of the sheer... damn, what was that word? What was it?... " Jamie tapped his fingertips against his forehead until the 'aha' moment came. "Munificence! That's it! The munificence of life as it keeps rolling on despite our little problems..."


Rachel, Steven and Kirkland struggle to comfort Jamie, Morgan spills a secret to Felicia, Allie attempts to explain herself to GQ, Donna and John search for something to be thankful for, Grant urges an on the edge Marley to stick to their plan, while Dean reveals his decision to Frankie.

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We at "Another World Today" want to wish the cheeriest of holidays to our readers and state, once again, how thankful we are for you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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