Friday, November 12, 2010



Mindy met with GQ, who stressed to her that he was sorry to be hurting her, but he deserved to raise his child. And Hudson deserved to be raised as what he was - a Black man.

Mindy put her foot in her mouth when she pointed out that Hudson doesn't look Black, so wouldn't it be better for him to live a life with her and Rick that even GQ admitted would be simpler and less complicated?

GQ didn't see it that way. Mel filed papers declaring the adoption null and void and demanding that Mindy and Rick turn Hudson over to his biological father immediately.

Beth countered with the reminder that GQ was currently facing charges in Bay City in regards to Gregory's Assisted Suicide ( Until that criminal issue was settled, GQ couldn't claim to be capable of providing Hudson with a stable home.

Mindy went crying to Billy about how she'd screwed up everything. Billy wondered, if GQ were sent to jail, that would make things easier for Billy's Princess, wouldn't it....

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SoapFan78 said...

While I think taking a child from his loving adoptive home can be cruel, Hudson is an infant not an 8 or 10 year old. GQ did not give up his child. Hudson was stolen from him. GQ was lied to and told Hudson was not his child. After learning the truth, he immediately sought the return of his child. What's wrong with that?

Mindy's dismissing Hudson's heritage seems to show her white privilege is in full working order.
Her willingness to dismiss Hudson's African heritage is pretty sad.

GQ is also being naive in saying that Hudson is 'black.' He's biracial with a white phenotype. Realistically, Hudson won't sufffer the kind of racism that a darker skinned biracial person, like Rick and Mel's daughter Leah has.

Wouldn't the best thing for Hudson be to be raised with knowledge and respect for both sides of heritage?

This is a difficult situation. I think Mindy deserves to have a child. I'm not sure if Hudson is that child. Hudson is an infant with a biological parent who him and can provide for him. The law is on his side.

Lois said...

Well, I don't think this is going to end in any way other than the Bauer's will have to give up the baby. Just don't think there is any other alternative; just tough for everyone involved, but yeah, it would be even worse if Hudson was much older.


SoapFan78 said...


I agree. GQ didn't give up custody to his son. Allie lied to him and to Mindy & Rick.

As painful as this is for Mindy & Rick, the right thing is for them to return Hudson to GQ. Again, we aren't talking about an older child. Hudson is an infant.

Finally, I really am distressed by the portrayal of Mel as a vindictive, bitter ex-wife. That wasn't how Mel appeared on GL.

Mel may have tweaked Rick once or twice but she had moved on in her life. She is a doctor and a lawyer. She has Cyrus. As we saw on air, Mel was in lust and love with Cyrus. Why would she have this much constant anger and vitriol towards Rick and Mindy?

C. said...

I am annoyed at GQ. Does no one remember what he told Allie the night that Hudson was conceived? He wanted to HIDE their relationship. Yes, she knew what she was getting into but at the same time, he basically threw her away and NOW he wants the child, even though he treated HER like trash?

Everyone is blaming Allie in this scenario when GQ ALSO has some responsibility to take.

You do not tell a woman - especially one you admit to love - that you want to hide them for some greater ideal and then come after her for custody of the baby. It does not work that way.

Yes, Allie lied to him, but he pretty much made it clear that he did not want to let the rest of the world see THEM together.

Leave Hudson with his adoptive parents. They likely will treat him as less of a "trophy" than GQ seems to.