Thursday, October 04, 2007


See the video trailer that is using to promote "Jonathan's Story," here.

In addition to being the #1 Romance at Borders and the #7 Fiction title on the New York Times list, the Guiding Light tie-in is also #8 at Publisher's Weekly and #10 at The Wall Street Journal.

With sales numbers like these, it's no wonder that AMC's Kendall Hart has decided to get into the act. Her novel, Charm!, comes out this February.

According to publisher Hyperion's contract report:

The plot deals with Harley Wilkins, a 30-year-old cosmetic company entrepreneur, working to introduce her first perfume. As her partner Parker, little more than a partying socialite, undermines her efforts, Kendall (ed note: I presume they mean "Harley," here) turns to co-worker Justin, her delightfully flamboyant friend and confidante. A chaotic chain of events -- brimming with scandal, back-stabbing, and even a kidnapping -- ensure that soap opera fans will be immensely engaged. (Actual author: Sebastian Stuart).

Isn't it nice to know that in-between obsessing over Spike's deafness and gingerly bonding with the severely premature Ian, Kendall has time to whip up a little chick-lit?

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Esther said...

I take it AMC thinks we actually enjoyed this story the first time?!

Congrats on the PGP book's success.