Monday, September 24, 2007


Due to popular demand (it was the #1 best-selling hardcover romance title at Borders last week, as well as the #1 romance, mystery, and movie tie-in on, Jonathan's Story is going back to press to print more copies!

Thank you to all of Guiding Light's wonderful fans for your support with this innovative project!

If you could pick, who else's story would you like to read about next? Let us know!


Miss Holt said...

Could you tell us how many copies were sold? I'm curious.

Cierra said...

I want to get this book! I've read an excerpt from it and it seems really well written!

Esther said...

Holly. That's it.

Paul Gosselin said...

There are some many previous characters that have come and gone that had more "story" to tell. Selena Davis, Abby Bauer and Amanda Spaulding! Who the heck knows what Carmen Santos is up to or "Manny" for that matter.

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