Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Like it or not, soaps regularly add teen-agers to their cast list in order to provide fresh blood, a new generation of story-telling, and to court that all important 12-17 year old viewer demographic.

Some, like Daisy and Lizzie, were born on the air (though aged backward and forward, respectively). Others, like Rafe and Ashlee, are brought on sideways and attached to current, core families.

Generally, fan consensus is that newbies work better when they are connected to established, beloved vets already on the canvas. With that said, which of these potential teens would you prefer to see in Springfield in the future?

1) Ian "Rocky" Cooper: Born in 1998, Rocky is the son of Coop's mom, Jenna (above; in the garish colors), and the not very stable, blackmailing Jeffrey Morgan. Jenna wed Buzz while she was pregnant and lied (not to Buzz; Buzz knew the truth) that he was Rocky's father. Which was only fair since, earlier, she'd married Jeffrey and claimed he was Coop's father. When Jeffrey learned the truth about Rocky and demanded his son, Jenna deliberately crashed the car they were riding in, killing them both. Soon after, Buzz shipped his boys off to England to be raised by Jenna's relatives. Although, in theory, young Rocky would only be nine years old now, considering that his brother, Coop, born in 1996, is now in his early 20s, is it that far-fetched to believe Rocky could be a teen?

2) Peter Lewis Reardon: The son of Bridget Reardon and Hart Jessup (Blake's brother, RJ's father) was born in 1993 and, through a series of convolutions that included pregnant Bridget being stashed in an attic and Billy's then-wife, Nadine, walking around with a fake pregnancy pillow for nine months, ended up being adopted by a remarried Billy and Vanessa. When Billy went to jail for shooting Roger, Bridget decided she could be as good of a single mother as Vanessa and sued her for custody. In 1994, the women agreed to share custody. Soon after, however, Bridget moved out of town with Dylan, who helped her raise the boy. Now both Dylan and Vanessa are back in town. Is it time for a visit from the boy they both consider their son?

James Spaulding: Born in 2000 and named after his presumed father, Jim Lemay (Susan/Daisy's adoptive dad), James was actually the son of Beth and Phillip, conceived when both thought they were going to die following a plane crash (above; looking sad and cold). James is rarely seen these days. Should he be? And should the seven year old miraculously be aged to twice that?

What about Zach and Jude? Is it time to age them? How about the Marler twins and Clarissa? RJ? Emma? Heck, even GL's own Prince William (the baby Cassie and Richard adopted, whom she then returned to his biological father, Alonzo, true heir to the throne of San Cristobel)?

Let us know in the Comments below!

(And if the aging seems far-fetched, remember, in 1982, Phillip should have only been 13 and Rick 12, but The Four Musketeers went over rather well despite of that).


dana said...

Please No More Coopers If Anything Use Leah, Age James And The Marler Boys. That Way You Have Family For Rick And Blake.

Paul Gosselin said...

This NYC actor/GL fan is simply waiting for the Marler twins or James Spaulding to age!

bernadetteny said...

would love to see james and peter aged and brought back. as well as the marlor kids. although the marlor kids without ross n blake seems silly. maybe the twin that is ricks could live with him and beth. i agree with dana no more coopers. they are a great lot, but there is enough of them to raise the moral values of springfield. the aging of leah and not emma was terrible. they should have been left together as they were born together. it was a touching scene when rick and philip spoke of raising their daughters together. i love when the young teens are aged and form strong friendships these have always made for the best storylines.