Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Ryan Cyrus Shans appears as a doctor who has difficult news for Carly on Friday, September 14.

And it isn't about her insurance coverage being denied. We're talking about a life-changing diagnosis. Not just for Carly, but for Jack and Katie, as well (maybe even Brad).

Carly's prognosis may surprise you. But what she does about it, might well turn out to be the true shocker.

Stay tuned!


Oakdalian said...

Why doesn't ATWT just drop Carly into Iraq without a flak jacket to gain Jack's sympathy and affection? These stunts are way past OLD. If you have to write this many contrivances to put them back together, maybe they should just stay apart.

sadjackfan said...

My sentiments exactly. If it takes one son running away, the other son getting kidnapped, the daughter being injured in a car wreck, and giving poor Carly a terminal disease, to get Jack back, then maybe the writers have taken Jack too far down the road of character assasination and there's no return. I am astounded at the depths the writers have sank Jack in order to push this forced and contrived Jack/Katie romance and sadly, it's not Katie who's been ruined in the process, it's Jack.

So, once Jack finds out Carly's seriously ill, will he yell and scream and accuse her of faking just to hurt him and poor innocent Katie? Then run find her and drag her to a justice of the peace before Carly wakes up?? This story is pathetic.

FTW said...

I think this story could be good if it is actually about Carly and her family (including Jack.) It could provide Maura West with some powerful scenes, and become a bridge for reuniting Carjack as they should be. My worse nightmare would be for ATWT to continue this deluge of Kackiness and deny this story that power that it truly deserves as it did with JJ's kidnapping.

Maura West and Michael Park would be able to make this one of the most emotional and powerful storylines. Please stop bombarding us with Kacky-poo. Please stop making Jack turn psycho every two minutes in some lame attempt to protect his relationship. If he has to deny, deny deny this much, maybe Kack should be apart. And don't keep getting us trapped in a parade of horribles that would ultimately bring Carjack together only to discover, he's still so in love after his long and thoughtful courtship of Katie (read, sarcasm here)

TPTB, I beg you. Make this story as powerful as I know it can be, and return my Carjack to me.

Lucymac said...

Like others I am cautiously optimistic that this could be a fantastic story for Carly and her family. What I fear too is it will become a story about Kack and Katie propping. The exit for Carly was terrible but the writing for her return has been even worse.

I wish I could have more confidence in this story, but am so frustrated trying to figure out what the purpose has been in working so hard to destroy Carly and Jack both as a couple and as individual characters as their recent stories have been doing. Why on earth take something so many fans enjoy and try to destroy it? There are no winners in this story. Katie lost rooting value when she cheated on Mike and putting her between such a popular couple and then trying to prop her as a saint is only hurting her. Having Carly beg and once again scheme to get Jack back certainly does nothing for her character either. And worst of all is the destruction of Jack. KackJack is 10 times worse than Amnesia Jack ever was with the way he intentionally hurts Carly. And if the writers succeed in destroying Carjack as they seem bent on doing I have to wonder why? Even if fans give up on Carjack it doesn't mean they want the lackluster pairing of Kack either. It's just a lose lose situation.

I really hope this story will be the compelling story it should be. I don't want Jack returning to Carly out of pity, but would certainly hope the chance that Jack could lose Carly would make him realize it is her he truly loves. It's past time for them to start finding their way back together.

M.E. Grant said...
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Oakdalian said...

By the way, Carly was incredibly desperate to regain her children's love, or at least to make Jack think so. The viewers would be better served if she gave her family more than lip service and got a JOB to support the kids properly. Why should she have so much free time to fret about a guy she lost because she deserved to?

Siggy said...

I love Jack and Katie. I'm hoping this storyline will be more about how Carly's illness affects the family they're creating together than anything else.

Jill said...

I hope that this new development with Carly's health will actually BE about Carly and HER health and how it affects HER family, and not just a stupid plot device to further push the sainthood of Katie and how this will affect HER wedding plans. I am so tired of this ridiculous triangle and it is long past due for a quick end before all the characters involved are beyond redemption....but most especially Jack, who has really been damaged as a character with this story.

I know Maura West will knock our socks off with her outstanding talent in this story. I just wish we could be treated to watching the two MASTERS, Park AND West, doing this story as a united couple because when they are in these kind of stories together, nobody can touch them in terms of chemistry and talent.

Fingers crossed that somehow, THIS will be the story that finally ends this ridiculous Katie and Jack nonsense and sends Jack back home to his real family. Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.