Friday, September 07, 2007


Maybe you all can help me out. There's a man out there. His name is Chad Brown. He is a championship poker player.

In every interview he gives, Chad Brown says he appeared on Another World.

IMDB doesn't have a character name or air-dates for him. The Another World book doesn't list him. My next stop should be the Another World archives. But they're in Cincinnati.

So I'm turning to you, the fans, with a question: Any idea who this guy played and when? Or am I off to Ohio?

Thanks in advance!


Paul Gosselin said...

Maybe he was a dayplayer or under/five - but I don't know why IMDB wouldn't have any info on it... strange....

Loger said...

He's not on the AW home page, the definitive source:

And they list day players. He probably passed through. I never missed an episode of AW from the early 80s until it was gone and don't remember this guy. Of course, I'm old and my memory isn't what it used to be. :)

My favorite AW dayplayer - Anne Sayre as bitchy store clerk Pam :)

awtribute said...

Could this man have used a different/'stage' name?