Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Is this man a threat to Harley and Gus' marriage?

Check out our newest hot shot of GL newcomer Brian Gaskill, and let us know, below!

And to catch up on Dylan's history pre-Brian, click here.


stlsoapchick said...

Yes, it is a HOT picture of Brian!!! I love it!!!

I hope TPTB can find a good storyline for Dylan!

GLblogger said...

Gus and Harley's marriage is a sham and too one sided with or without Dylan. After all this time, judge a tree by the fruit it bears. But for sure Dylan/Brian would be great with Harley.

I really wish GL would put him in a good, consistent storyline!

Lookin' good, Bri! ;)

Anonymous said...

Brian has done a marvelous job of making the role of Dylan his own. I look forward to each day he's on my screen. Hopefully at some point TPTB will start to utilize him to his full potential. He and Beth Ehlers have a great spark between them and I'd certainly be happy if they choose to go that route with the character.

Great picture of a great guy!

VaAnn said...

No thank you, I don't want to see Harley and Dylan. That ship has sailed along with any sparks Harley had with Dylan years ago.

hacko1230 said...

Dylan is a day late and a dollar short. Why would Harley want Dylan after what he did to her?

schiffeg68 said...

I don't care if Dylan is with Harley or not, as long as he's kept on the show. :)

sarah saad said...