Friday, September 28, 2007


Meet As The World Turns' newest legal eagle, here!

Bonnie Louise McKechnie was born in 1993, the only child of Duncan and Jessica, one of daytime's rare interracial couples. She was first played by an impossibly adorable tot by the name of Carolyn Aimetti.

Initially, Duncan's grown daughter, Beatrice, and Jessica's parents opposed the union and didn't attend the McKechnies wedding. Jessica's good friend, Lisa, also expressed her displeasure, using that old Simpsons injunction to "think of the children."

However, no ancient prejudice could survive in the face of little Bonnie's cuteness, and both Lisa and Jessica's parents attended the infant's christening. Bonnie's middle name, Louise, was in honor of her grandmother, and Lisa was named the baby's godmother.

A year later, Duncan's wife Shannon (once believed to have been head-shrunk in Africa) returned from the dead, and Jessica's historic marriage was ruled invalid.

Bonnie spent her childhood in Oakdale with her mother, but her teen years living in Scotland with her father, hobnobbing with royalty and giving Paris Hilton a run for her money in the spoiled heiress department.

When she returned to Oakdale as a 21 year old in 2001, Jessica ordered her wayward child to straighten up and get a job. Bonnie did. But she didn't like it.

And she especially didn't like her new boss, Isaac Jenkins. This being daytime they, of course, fell in love.

A stint of community service as punishment for trying to murder her mother's rapist, Marshall, led Bonnie to meet and decide to adopt a foster child named Sarah. However, when Bonnie learned that Marshall was Sarah's biological father and that he intended to take the girl away, she ended up accidentally pushing him out a window.

A genuinely contrite Bonnie went to prison and, upon her release, move to Florida with Sarah to marry Isaac.

Now, Bonnie returns to Oakdale a freshly minted lawyer, divorced from Isaac and with Sarah off at college. Her first case in Oakdale may be a bit of surprise. But you'll really never believe which character she has a history with!


Oakdalian said...

Are they ever going to cast someone who LOOKS like she could be Duncan and Jessica's child? If I were Duncan, Jess would have some explaining to do!

Paul Gosselin said...

I miss Shannon O'Hare!

Suzanne said...

I like Bonnie. Not with Henry, though...
Why aren't the pics here loading?

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