Thursday, October 04, 2007


The late Benjamin Hendrickson spent over 20 years on and off playing Detective Hal Munson on As The World Turns.

Earlier, he was a very bad guy named Silas on Guiding Light, and the year before that he made his P&G soap debut as an equally bad guy named Chris Shaw on Texas.

Chris was a blackmailer and a thug and a smirking threatener of pregnant women -- but he was a heck of a snappy dresser.

To check Benjamin out in all his early 80s finery -- plus an evil sneer the morally upright Hal would have never dreamed of -- watch the latest episodes of Texas on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel now!


Derek said...

Thanks so much for your continuing coverage of storyline developments for your classic soaps. This article and the one on the introduction of Sandy Cory are much appreciated by Texas and Another World fans.

I understand from a fellow Texas fan that Pam Long has joined the cast as of episode 150. Any chance you can highlight her involvement not only with Texas, but other P&G soaps? In addition to Texas and Guiding Light, I noted that she is listed as one of the production team on the You Tube clip of the final episode of Search for Tomorrow. Another You Tube finale clip indicates she also helped close out Santa Barbara.

Oakdalian said...

Viva Hendrickson!