Tuesday, October 16, 2007


CBS is readying plans to cut costs and modernize the production process of two of the longest-running shows on television—“Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns.”....

Plans include ditching their traditional soap opera production sets—which use three cameras shooting simultaneously into an expansive series of three-wall sets—in favor of using smaller crews shooting with nimble digital cameras inside enclosed four-wall sets. "Light" is considering using multiple crews to shoot scenes simultaneously, reducing the number of production hours. All exterior scenes will be shot on location—a rarity on daytime soaps—on permanent sets built in a small town outside New York City (on-location shots are typically more expensive, but the reduced crews and digital production process will offset the extra costs).

For viewers, the effect is supposed to add some realism to the staging, as rooms will not lack a fourth wall and shooting can be done in a more cinematic style. The outside location shots will give the shows a more natural sense of setting.

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Miss Holt said...

No matter what kind of changes Barbara Bloom makes, GL is doomed if DK and EW are not fired immediately.

Chloe said...

Jean Passanante and Chris Goutman need their walking papers. Save the show by getting a talented team who cares about the show's characters, history, cast and viewers.
Bells and whistles are not the solution. Better writing and better promotion of the show are a better bet.

Man, they just don't LISTEN.

Oakdalian said...

So once again P&G is making peripheral changes that won't affect the core appeal of its shows. How are we viewers to believe that these tactics aren't the next evolution in self sabotage. It's a writer's medium, but the chosen solution is to make cosmetic changes. Does it matter if the shows look as good as "Lost" when they're written like the average b-movie? What have gimmicks of the past couple years done to help ratings?

L.A. Diaries
Building houses
Inside the Light episodes
New websites

Still guessing?
Blind devotion to Goutman, Passanante, Wheeler and Kreizman won't change the fact that style never wins over content.

Bruce said...

This tanked for All My Children and will be a total failure for GL. Maybe MTV fans like bad camera work and realistic locations for reality shows that aren't very realistic, but for a dramatic show I sort of want unrealistic sets and whatnot.